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Position Statement on Wellbeing

The research culminated in the formulation of a position statement on personal wellbeing. Click on the image to download and read this, or go directly to

Summary Report Personal Wellbeing

Click on the attached image to download and read a short, 40-page, summary of the full research report.

In 2016, in my capacity as International Advisor for Wellbeing for careif, I led an international research project on wellbeing. The full report is over 200 pages long; copies are lodged in the libraries of the House of Lords and the House of Commons.

Alternatively, you can

Lord Wills wrote the foreword for the report. Click on the above copy for a downloadable Executive Summary of this research.

Chapter 5C

This chapter complements C3. It shows the different perceptions of wellbeing in groups in China, Argentina and the UK.

You can download the document here.   

Some early articles on wellbeing

I first began my research on wellbeing as a Fellow at the University of Surrey's Centre for Excellence in Teaching and Learning (SCEPTrE). Two related chapters feature in Lifewide e-book, Chapters C3 and C5. They can both be downloaded free of charge by following the link below.

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