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Stigma and Mental Illness

South West SAS Psychiatrist Conference 2018

We gave presentations to this conference. Participants completed an interactive questionnaire to monitor any changes in perception before and after the presentations. Click on the slide to download the analysis of their responses.

Presentation at the BMA

16 January 2018

We presented a workshop at the BMA, webcast to the public. Click on the slide to see details of the programme.

The webinar for the entire session is available at:

Toronto Government Staff Development

In 2018, we were invited to make a presentation on mental health and wellbeing as part of a regular programme of staff support. Click on the image to read an outline of our proposal.

Some years ago, we published an article entitled "The Madness of Psychiatry". Since then, others have borrowed our theme. To download/read our original article, click on the above slide.


The Madness of Psychiatry

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